On the hunt

So since late last night, I've been going crazy typing in Google searches for cheap or even SIM card companies that offer international calling for a low rate to the Netherlands. After much searching; it all boiled down to a service I already use with Google. Google Voice.

It actually matches my old cell provider's rates which is good considering my old cell provider is what I started chatting on with international friends and so on in the day. See, back in the day, it only costed me $0.15 per minute to make a call to the Netherlands; but that never worked considering that mobile numbers from the Netherlands wasn't included. So, I resulted to having there call initiate the conversation; rather than make the call for myself.

Well, today I added a $10.00 credit to my Google Voice account. After reading through many of the policies, looking up the rate charges, and so on. I've come to an agreement with using Google Voice as my international call provider. $10.00 isn't much and I guarantee; I'll fly through that in a day or at least a couple of days but it would always be worth it. Especially for a dear friend.

The rate per minute is only $0.15 a minute for mobile numbers in the Netherlands; and only $0.02 per minute for calls to a land-line number in the Netherlands. Not only have my hopes been gifted here but that's the cheapest rates I've ever found in any provider and with how well Google is in their telephony service; I'd say I snagged a rather sweet deal. In the future however; I may add up to $50.00 at a time; the only downfall is that you can only have a maximum of $70.00 credit in your balance but I'm certain; I won't have to go over that much and if so; again...it would be well worth it considering who would be on the other line

On a side note; I'm not sure if this indicates international user support but I would say it would be fair to say it does; Google Voice has a statement below in the account settings reading this:

Please note: If your billing address is within the EU, you will be charged the applicable VAT rate for your country on top of the purchased calling credit amount - for example, if you order €10 of calling credit and the VAT rate for your country is 19%, you will be charged €11.90.
I'm not sure how high costs are in the Netherlands but if it's cheaper; I'd say...try it sometime...otherwise; carry on :)


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