Heads up (UPDATED)

My commenting system works like this; you have to login into an OpenID (such as Yahoo! or Google) account to post a comment; otherwise you will not be able to leave a comment.

An easier and more effective solution is to log into your Google Account, Twitter, or other network and join my blog via the blue button that is underneath "Readers" over to the right of my blog posts here.

Then you can comment without an issue :)

And yes, you will join because you love me so much that you must join my blog or else you will feel empty in life because I am the only reason you want to be alive. Yes, I am your dream. Come live me baby.

UPDATE: A new rating has been added. To suit those who may have something slightly more negative to say about a post; I've given you the "REALLY?" rating. For now, you only get one negative rating; though in the coming weeks, days, months, or whenever I feel like it really...you might find other ones popping up as well :)