Free love

I watched a documentary today on sex in the 70s and how it revolutionized our knowledge of sex and diseases today. The whole time I couldn't feel but a passion to wonder what it would have been like to have seen those days; to have witnessed history in the making. Back in the 70s; sex was easy to find; it was on every street corner; in every alley way; and constantly happening.

I've thought of what today is like and it's not that different; the only real difference is safer sex is more prominent and sex has become a more private activity than it was in those days. I've heard from friends that Germany resembles a lot of the 70s style sexual energy. You can walk through an alley in Berlin (so I've heard) and meet a guy that will show you a good time. There are bath houses built specifically to tailor to men who are looking to get some action. You can find them all over but mostly in big cities like California; New York; London; and so on.

Maybe it's my inner vixen within; maybe since I've seen this documentary; I kind of wish I could have experienced it all back in those days. To have learned and known what these men (who are much older now) know. To have founded pieces of our history in just living and having fun together. I say free love is important but all within safety of course...still, I understand what free love meant in those wasn't really just sex...but connectivity between two people...a connection to feel life itself

So to the gay men of the 70s; and Harvey Milk; thank you for all that you did. Because of you; gay men today can freely be open...we can hold hands where ever we go...we can smile happily after swallowing that load...or dance like crazy lunatics on the dance floor before we go home to an orgy...those were some crazy days...but ones that shaped our future...and brought our generation today into it's forefront