For a limited time

My blog will be in it's classic mode. As many readers had witnessed; I've jumped between the new Google "Dynamic" layout and the classic Blogger layouts. Today, I've made the decision to stick with the old layout until it is deemed invalid.

A major part of this reason is compatibility. I want to have support for instant messaging while reading my blog. In the coming month or so; you might see this feature jump in and out. This isn't because I'm indecisive; it's because I want to find the best solution for this need and sometimes that means a little experimentation on my behalf. We'll see how it turns out after the big shutdown of Meebo on July 11th.

Regardless, my blog is still the same blog it's always been. A place where I can vent, tell all, and instill my writing and creative flow. So here we go today; my classic blog is back. You might notice some other new additions to the blog as well. They were long awaited additions. One of which is a proper need considering my blog has become international this past year. To my international readers; thank you so much for taking time out of your day to notice me. Me; of all people in this world. Because of you; I can write in confidence that someone will read it or even find inspiration from it.

A BIG BIG BIG BIG BIG BIG BIG BIG BIG BIG HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO VALERIO SMOLDERS! :) You look dashing as always dear and try not to get too caked up ;)



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