Co-workers do care

Today during my extreme load of freight and busy busy customer service; I was told to go on break. As I walked into the conference room and saw the Red Velvet cake that Ms. Frances made me; as well as a bag that read; "puppy love"...I couldn't help but smile...It's nice when you're noticed for a few minutes; even if it's at a place that you sometimes can't stand

We talked for a bit and ate some cake (really delicious by the way) and then I opened the bag to see the candle set I wanted from our candle section :) (Sweet Pea scent by the way...a favorite of mine)

Overall the day came to a shitty end through a rude bit of customers but remembering my lunch hour and such; I'm able to overcome it.

Thank you Ms. Frances; you make coming to work worth while!


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