British people love me

So today, my department manager came off a bit prude...a british customer (she's one of my regulars) came by to ask about a particular size in a quilt and well, we were out of part of our policy; we have to call other stores that are nearby if possible to help the customer find the product in our stores elsewhere.

My department manager told me later while I was on hold that he could of done it on the telezon (a device we use) and I had no knowledge of this until that point mind you. He walked to the customer and made a comment while he was scanning the label and said "Had I known about this; it could of been done faster"....the customer (from which I have helped in the past with many of the things she has looked for in my department) later came back by when my department manager had left the area and asked me to get my supervisor; she was upset by his comment towards me and was offended by it saying to me "You shouldn't get treated this way at the workplace". She carried on.

She later went off on my department manager telling my supervisor Michelle that she needs to do something about this sort of behavior and that I didn't deserve his smirky comment. She said that I'm always friendly and a great help for her. As she left; she made a comment saying that she hopes to see me again and that she hopes not to see my department manager again.

I have to thank her, she is a great person and a really sweet gal (considering the moment here) and for her to stand up for me means a lot to me. I was tired today; and really in the dumps about being at work because I hadn't had a decent night of rest. Her honesty and her customer loyalty shows that by me being friendly and helping my customers; in return, they care. She cares about me and that is enough to know that getting up everyday and coming to work is worth it.

Now, time to gawk at my new shoes. I saw them on the clearance aisle as I was shopping around a bit at work this evening and I had to have them....I normally don't go for much of anything masculine but these shoes are to die for amazing in style and comfortable too :)

See; I can be some small ways.... ;D

Helpful clue about FUBU (as a brand) - FUBU used to be a designer brand from which used to cost a fortune to afford. They made clothing; jewelry; and shoes of course. It's a shock to see that Walmart has them finally. Walmart is truly coming into their own in terms of fashion and the latest trends. Great kicks ;)