A bag of chips, a movie, and life

It's always nice to see Shirley MacLaine's face light up the screen. With her steadfast attitude and her witty remarks. She keeps it simple and I admire that a lot.

Meanwhile; she's thinking too much about how I shouldn't eat chips before bedtime....look; she really is....

Shirley MacLaine shows no mercy for bullshit

But I can't resist eating my favorite chips. They are absolutely delicious and so soft to the touch when you eat them. The right amount of salt and just the right amount of texture for your tastebuds!

Munchos are truly snack savvy; keep on crunchin'

Still, I enjoy nice evenings like today where after a lovely laughter filled conversation with one of the most beautiful guys in the world; I get to enjoy a bit of girly chick flick time right before bedtime. I've always loved Shirley MacLaine because of her outspoken side; her spunk; and her comedic side. She's a clever woman I must say too given that she's managed to be herself in most of her roles without having to over do it like so of the other stars out there. I look to movies with her in them as if it's a delicious book that I'm in love with. Her movies are a delight. The same can apply with Goldie Hawn and of course; a personal favorite of mine, Sandra Bullock. 

Ah, the wonderful life :)