500GB of birthday coming up!

I decided that I would get me a special birthday gift; after all, I've got the blisters on my toes to prove I've earned my gift.

For $63.13 (tax included in this total), I snagged my very own personal hard drive to store all of my files on. So, regardless of what computer I have; or get for that matter; I will always have a wealthy abundance of space to get everything I want.

So far, I think I'm going to use it towards downloading movies when I can. I'll then have my own movie collection in a nice blue digital box. It's branded by Toshiba so I know that it will work well and as far as the space; it will take me quite some time to fill up 500GB; let alone a 16GB phone (my Galaxy Nexus has 16GB of memory) but either way; I'd say, this gift will do me well. No more copying files to the flash drive and then erasing them every time I want to transfer another one.

Simplicity; in digital living. Can't beat it.


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