Workers diet

Ah, yes. The delectable and incredibly unhealthy but still filling way to fill the tummy. Tonight my family was arguing over soda. Soda seems to be like crack in our country; you see it everywhere, everyone drinks it; it's a part of almost every diet and every meal. It's cheap in some places and expensive in others.

So while my family was arguing over soda; I was agitated and said "fuck this, I'll go buy everyone a fucking soda from the drive thru" and off to the drive thru we went. I started with $11 and came home with $6 to last me until Thursday next week (the day after my birthday) and so I developed an eating plan to not only fill my tummy but to bargain my way through until the day of my check.

My diet until that day would consist of ramen noodle cups, 40 cent sodas from the vending machine and if I wanted a dessert; a delicious peanut butter and jelly sandwich (courtesy of Walmart)

You see, when you're almost broke or poor; you devise your most bargain savvy plans to indulge without crying about it later.

With $6.00 to my name; I can cover the three days of lunches just in buying the cheapest possible fixes. At most for a dessert; I could spend up to $1.00 per honey bun or substitute for a bag of $0.55 cookies.

Regardless, I'm the queen b of living it up cheapo style. Trust and believe it; if you're hungry and you only had $20 left to last you until your next paycheck (most of us live like this here actually) - I could develop a somewhat healthy eating plan for you just in that. Right now; Asparagus and some of the other veggies we sell are cheap; so be sure to check on your produce.

When in doubt; buy a cheap bag of assorted fruit and utilize them for meals; for've got a package of noodles, or rice...only two apples, and maybe...1 orange left...oh and maybe some other condiments like soy sauce and sugar...

Well, create your own stir fry meal and then distribute it evenly in gladware containers to take to work...drinks; buy flavor-aid packs ($0.99 per pack) and 1 lbs of sugar; yes, the sugar is what costs the most in this equation but if you do it right; your gallon can last you until the next check or if you prefer; you can divide your funds to equally par to one $0.40 soda per meal.

In reality; you may not like what you have come to. Maybe you hate noodles or you're just not into drinking a soda even; in whatever way...there is a way to fix it and if you think in terms of cheap cheap cheap; you'll find it gets easier in time to make it happen...when it comes to ramen noodles by the way; buy them in bulk packages of 12 or higher; this way, if you still need to eat a few more days after can


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