We may have differences but...

Together, we work and get things done. Me and Michelle have had some misunderstandings lately and though it's been a bit tragic in some of the conversations we've had. I've learned a lot about business and about how to keep your ethics in tact. Though her and I don't always agree on how the job should be done; she still believes in me. When I came in for my interview and told her about my writing and how much it's meant to me; she knew then that she wanted to help me in my job so that it would expand to my writing.

She told me the other day after a conversation that I should write down every thought I have in a notebook. No matter how small or big or how vague or bold it may seem. Writing down things are key to letting go of any part of a situation you choose to and I'm learning that by me writing things down before I say them; I can vent and get my positive outlook back without letting the darker side of me take control. I guess in a sense you could say that I've learned that what I might want to consider doing; is journalism and/or writing books. I know, I probably have a long way to go before I reach the full picture for that but as a hobby so far; it's a start. I know and I'm confident that in my belief of everyone who supports me; I can do it. I can be a success. I can make a difference in some way; whether it be just writing about things that I feel or think about or writing down important events in my life that have helped shape me to this point in my life.

I feel older than I am these days. I've already started getting gray hairs (stress is proven to speed up the process of graying/discoloration in hair by the way) and I hardly care about makeup anymore. Often times now; I go to work without it because it's hot and well, who do I need to impress. I'm fine how I am and if a guy or business people can't accept the real me; they could never accept the dolled up version of me neither. Regardless however, I'm confident that it doesn't matter. At the end of the day; I come to work to do a job. A job that may not be the best in the world or one I planned for but nonetheless; it's a place to grow. A place to really find myself within the real world again.

So to my manager Michelle, thank you for showing you want to help me and for telling me that I have a lot of potential. I think in time, I'll learn to grow into the person I am meant to be. I'm meant to do something in life. I just know so and I have to keep going to find it. Someday, just someday...I'll be as bright as the northern lights...always inviting something good into my dream.


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