The worst sickness ever

Well, maybe not so much the worst but it's the most aggravating and embarrassing. Since the other day of getting a fever and sore throat (sore throat still bothering me by the way) - I've dealt with some unfortunate and rare happenings.

First off, I never get athlete's foot or cold sores really bad around my lips or the dreaded itchy red bumps on the fingers ordeal but today is among one of the many days that I'm having to face it. It's like when you get sick sometimes, all of these annoying shitty things pop up and start making your life a living hell.

Look, all I ask is that I look decent when I'm at was the first day back and I felt awful...I was too embarrassed to smile; I kept applying lip balm to my lips in hopes of miraculously making the cold sores hands itched a lot (mind you; I wash my hands like a maniac...sometimes more than 5 times a day - true story) and yet, I'm still bombarded with this extremely diabolical plot against my beauty.

To Pandora...bitch, why did you open the fucking box to begin see what you did right?

See, Pandora was a weak weak gal...she opened the box and then bang....everyone had to pay...stupid girl

Eh, either way, the good news is; these things do clear up in a matter of days and usually are not long's just annoying when they come...thank GOD I didn't have a date or anything...imagine that one; "oh are you babe?"...."i'm good...what's up with the herpes on your lips?"...."it's not herpes asshole, it's cold sores"

Ah, one must will come back to least I still have my beautiful eye color :(

-Carmex moisturizing lip balms is perfect for cold sores; it soothes the feeling of them and kills any germs that may be contributing to their arrival. Another tip from what someone told me was to use ear wax (yes, I's nasty to think of but it works and it's a good solution for those who can't afford any Carmex)

-Hand bumps are usually known as a form of Eczema; it is temporary for most people and quite often times very very common. Don't be alarmed by them if you get them; they will clear up on their on in time. Be sure to treat them by keeping your hands clean and moisturized. Avoid anything with chemicals or alcohol.

-Sore throats can actually come from both dehydration and from sleeping with your mouth open; causing dry mouth. In this case; drink plenty of water (ice water is best) and take some Tylenol (be sure to eat with the Tylenol though) and gargle tons of warm salt water