I'm getting better finally; thanks to some pills and a little thing I call, faith. The only issue is when all I think about it getting these red bumps to disappear sooner and getting back to my makeup wearing; beautiful smile, self.

I appreciate honesty but when it comes to my beauty; please...lie a little more than usual when I'm sick...I prefer to have a little hope than to over analyze my thought on just how pale I've gotten or how much baggage is showing under my eyes during the day.

Still, soon; I'll get to be the pretty boy again. Or in some cases; the pretty girl, considering most people (guys and girls) think that I'm indeed; a female.

It's the voice I swear and yet, I'm thankful to have it. Lot's of innocent power that I can garnish with it :D

Well, sleepy clouds are rolling in; time to hangout with mr. sandman again...He never gets old...just boring some days; though we're quite content together ;)


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