I have a right

To want to leave this place. To make something different happen. To be able to sleep in again.

Whether it's parents or the brother from another; I am constantly losing sleep due to people being excessively loud; look, it's called an inside voice for a reason. People need rest when they've worked 2-11 for almost a full week straight prior to their three days off. Just saying.

So as part of my goals; I'm going to plan my escape (so to speak) immediately after I get my car. I may end up living in a hotel...I really don't know but I know this much...anywhere would be better than here at the moment...I'm only crabby because it's not often I get days off like this and it's almost as if my brother and his friend are purposely staying here and being as loud as they can be to piss me off. It's definitely something they would do.

Eh, either way...I'm sick of this half sleep nonsense...can't a boy get some rest these days? :/


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