Coffee or no Coffee?

I really want one but I doubt it's really worth the money it would take to get me some coffee bean love. I've been contemplating on buying a Keurig machine due to the high demand we have and how easy to use they seem to be. I really love the Dunkin Donuts coffee flavors and I know this machine would be put to great use while I'm preparing in the week to go to work in the morning/afternoon and it could really be a benefit but the cost of having this luxury is a price I cannot bare. $15.00 or more just for 16 cups of coffee; I'm not sure if that is worth it in the end. 

Considering the fact that I can get more cups of coffee with a traditional machine is quite an important factor in this decision. Eh, we'll see. Meanwhile, Garden boy has been nicer to me lately and he's apologized for shutting me out and treating me like scum as well. I killed it with kindness though; it's a job and whether I like it or not; dating someone at work would never be a wise decision anyway. Besides, I hardly have time to be in love anymore; now that work has taken over my life.

Coffee could cure my sadness of this notion. Strangely enough; I swear I keep seeing his face every now and again...this time he's shorter and I think; 18 or least he looks such an age...he's cute to say the least I can still remember after all this time; I do have good taste in the appearance of the men I date :) even if half of them lie; cheat; or leave me. Life goes on; and so does the love.


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