Bullying at the workplace

Some of us deal with it everyday and others only see it happen once in a blue moon or never run into these issues. Bullying is a very widely delayed issue. It's one that work ethics should always mention regardless of the stature of business you are conducting within the facility. 

Today was a prime example to why I choose to use the Open Door Policy (a policy which intends to stamp out bullying at the workplace and allows an associate to voice their problems to management)

 As I was unloading freight onto shelves as per usual; I had a conversation within the process with my co-worker; Frances. Her and I often talk through out the usual work we're given because it makes it go by quicker and it helps us to do an even better job. It's notable that management already told us it is okay to talk while working so long as you complete your tasks. I make sure every day/night I leave; my floors are clear and all work has been completed...it's not easy, but I tend to get it done every time.

A member of management has been bullying me. A form of retaliation of sorts. Accusing me of not being productive enough or "talking" too much. This was also given to Frances as well even though we complete our work and we often times are talking about our work in the process. Again, it is OKAY to have conversations as long as the work gets done. This came straight from a Co-Manager with whom I took up my concerns with earlier this evening. See, as a Leo...if you fuck with me; I WILL take action against it.

That's as bluntly as I can put it. It's not fair to co-workers like myself whom give their all to ensure consumers get the best experience in our department. It's bad enough that we're bitched at if we assist a customer for too long (yet customer service is our number 1 priority).

Ah, the corporate life. This is America baby and America is one big hole of dead end jobs, poor living, and stressful situations. Sound familiar? If it does, I encourage you to take action...don't get walked on...you can do better and deserve better. Ciao ciao darlings.


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