So I noticed...

Libra men are generally pretty stable signs for me. They don't mind sharing the spotlight and well, they have romanticism within the core of their sign. Every Libra I've been around tends to find quite a liking to me, sometimes to the point that the dating card is pulled and I'm left wondering "What just happened here?"

I learned something last night during a conversation with my friend Brock over the phone. He explained that since my number is 9; I can fit into any sign/number because 9+ whatever the number is essentially that number. I guess this explains why these days I can get along with every sign almost; excluding some Virgo and some Cancer people. I get along with Leo's almost perfectly and Libra's are pretty much my best match so far. Capricorns are nice however and they provide me with great conversation; a good friendly sign. Sagittarius is a bit in between; it can either work or fall short quickly.

As for the rest of the signs; it's pretty much nice so long as I keep distance and not get too caught up in their traits. From the words of Brock; "You because who ever you are around at the time". See, now that is pretty amazing to think about. I'm not crazy after all. I'm just adaptable. It's true though, I can find something common with just about anyone really. Sometimes it's hard to do but for the most part; easily manageable.

One of these days; a sign is going to take me over and I'll do something remarkably extreme on here. I already know it would be something dirty. What? I'm still a guy you know. Is it bad that secretly at work; I check out all the hot guys that roll through my department? Not to mention a couple of hotties on 3rd. Ah, I better stop. This may lead somewhere and we all know that doesn't need to happen. Yet.

I end this blog with a track;


  1. Everything understood now... I am a Tauren, so I just need to hang around, silent and be ready to become involved when appropriate.

    I will wait (patiently and quietly) for my cue


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