Phase 1: Why he probably can't love you

Leo's are emotional. Very emotional. Often times, if it's emo looking; it might be a Leo. This is in fact; true. In a delightful conversation with a fellow co-worker; she has two Leo children. She's a Scorpio. Her kids were a prime example in my realization of what took me some time to learn about myself. I'm a very emotional being. Sometimes my emotions are too strong and that can kill the passion in a relationship because as a Leo; it can be hard to give space because Leo's want the full picture; the entire cake and then some. We can be demanding emotionally because we crave the attention. It's sad; but real.

Here's a breakdown of why it didn't work before. I was with the opposite type of me. Those people may have had some emotional tendencies but they weren't within the same type of level of a Leo. Making it tough to work with. Aquarius' will only give a Leo so much; not the entire picture. Taurus' are great friends and great lovers in the bedroom for a Leo; however, it's rarely ever a decent match because of the amount of extremes that divide the two signs. We're both stubborn and both strong willed. Taurus' are very planned and very stern on their beliefs and their thoughts on specific subjects. They are not prone to easy change. Leo's are adaptable but we must have space to take in changes a lot of the time but sometimes; we can take change with a grain of salt and embrace it if its attained to meet our standards or interests. It can get bumpy if we're not careful, so for a Leo; it's best to be attentive anyway even if it means doing so in a sneaky way.

Scorpios are a hit and miss sign for Leo's. Sexually, it's almost perfection but relationships can be difficult for they could lead to intense heartbreak. Scorpio's and Leo's have one thing in common however; both can be very scornful and hurt others very badly through actions or through words. It's more so apart of the opinionated side of us both. Leo's sometimes appear stand offish but as a defense mechanism. This is in order to show our territoriality and express our strength.

Regardless, it's not bad to know this. It's shocking sometimes to really dive in and learn you're not as impressive as you thought before but it's still nice to see you're not entirely evil. You're human. We all are and if you're not; well perhaps your in London in a nice loft somewhere; purring to the beat of Dragonette song's while your graceful British owner sips tea and writes their inner thoughts on a blog; yes...I'm joking here

The point at this is that we're all similar and different and that in itself; makes it hard to conquer problems. It can be a need to us when we see love on the street in the form of a kiss or hands held but we should notice that love is in us already. Optimism and pessimism are both common traits that are both up and down for us all. Call me crazy as you could have before but I'm human. So are you baby; so are you. Embrace yourself.


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