Lead on by the garden boy

Like any other rant; this one is more than true. It's still going. I work with a guy who proceeded his interest in me via text not long after meeting me. He wanted to take me out on a date and I said that I would love to attend such date. However, weeks later after he bluntly never spoke a word to me; he tells me he's dating someone else. He never even had the kindness in his heart to tell me that he was no longer interested.

People wonder why our world is full of lust and violence. It's because of the people. People haven't kept morals together for years now and it's showing in our cultures. Love is overrated to most people because of this loss in the fabrication of our human instinct. They've lost the hope for love and the enjoyment to find it and keep it. Our people are filled with hatred in the third degree. Some are tricky about it and sly upon their approach and others are straight-forward and intense about it.

The reason I've stayed single for so long isn't from anything in my past; I'm completely beyond that point now and I feel a lot better that I've cleaned up from it. I'm single because I know that their is no place for love in my life. I don't have time for it anymore and I have no desire to have it or seek it out because all stories tend to end the same way. The guy fucks up; boom...end of relationship and end of desire for love.

Friendships are hard to accomplish as well because of this. I've made a ton of new friends at work; almost every employee that walks past me will greet me back with a smile after I have greeted them with a smile and kind tones. It seems in some cases however, it's just not enough. So I must digress. I must remind myself that I can do better than the douchebags that I've encountered from time to time. I can be better of a person if I don't let them get to me and I move onto brighter and better things. It's truly time for me to get on with my life.

So to you, oh hateful boy in the garden...I'm happy you found someone and I truly was the other day as well...I'm just not happy I met you because meeting you brought back the reality as to why I stopped dating in the first place...besides, my standards are too high for you...I'm vain in my decisions because I want a gorgeous boyfriend; someone I can show off because Leo's love to show off our toys ;) - Toys being; our men.


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