I've known for a bit lately just how frustrating it is trying to comment on my blog. That's why today; I've lifted the restriction that was left on and decided to welcome all comments from any reader; no matter whom it is.

At this moment; as long as you register via Google, Wordpress, Livejournal, AIM or any other OpenID compatible service; you are able to leave a comment. Please remember that if you don't want to follow me; you can hide your presence by clicking on "Follow privately" when in the prompt window after logging in. I do not mind it at all. So long as you don't harass or bully anyone using my blog.

So to all newcomers; welcome :) and to all dedicated readers, I love you all and I'm thankful that you've stuck around for so long. In the coming time ahead, if all goes well, I will make commenting allowable to the general public without a need to login or subscribe to my blog. If this becomes the case; I will let you all know here with a delightful post on the news.

Well, it's late and it's time for bed. A long shift awaits me tomorrow and one must be well rested in order to perform at their best for the job :)


  1. Each of us is born to be different; to have a unique life experience whether for a second or for 100 years.


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