I love myself

I really do and it's far beyond every other love I've had. It's not selfish but protective. It's raw. It's always aware and my love for myself is genuinely secure. I have no doubts about it.

It took years to come to my place of true happiness and when I was able to find it again; I was set free. I was able to learn more of myself that was locked away again. I was able to finally find smiling an easy thing for me.

It's constant in my work as well. I greet my customers with love and care everyday and I will even have delightful conversations to help bring comfort to my customers shopping experience because I know that I would want that from an employee if I were shopping at my store. It's common courtesy and something that I want to prove as a practice that can help change lives.

I don't look for love anymore because I feel I finally found it and it belongs in me. It's not in human form; and it isn't rare anymore to find its grace. Love isn't a human being; it's not something that really can be seen either. It's a form of energy that you are able to connect to. A vessel of hope and loyalty that can't be found in everything else.

I'm going to keep on no matter what they say. No matter what they do to me; I will always love who I am because I'm a beautiful soul and I must remember that before they appeared; I was beautiful even then. I don't deserve to be neglected or extinguished and neither does anyone else for that matter. For once in life; I am able to really take care of myself and do so without doubt or regret. It's finally my year. I'm going to try and make the best of it because it's apart of finding myself in each little way everyday.


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