Good will hunting

I've always been a fan of Good Will stores. They are remarkable in their attempt to raise money for charities through sales of used clothes at discount prices. They of course wash them thoroughly before selling them to you; so don't be alarmed.

Often times, it's my favorite clothing store to shop. It's budget savvy and cheaper than retail and it's got hidden gifts of labeled proportions. Did I mention I found a Juicy Couture bag for $15 there? I bought it of course and many of my friends and co-workers are quite jealous indeed.

I've landed other treasures as well, such as a beautiful jacket with a poofy fur trim to give me that Goldfrapp appeal. I've also bought a new pair of tan boots for winter there as well and a nice Rocawear jacket for winter to go with it :)

It's not what you wear however; it's how you wear it. I've learned on my own what works for me and so far; I look best in black; white; and earth tones. I can pull off anything however; most of us Leo's can because well, we're diva fabulous and we know how to WORK it!

Still, I'm pleased when I leave there to know that my money is going back to someone in need. To know that even though I can hardly luster my own life; I can help change another one. It's blissfully sweet. Now, I really should get to bed; tomorrow couldn't come any sooner. My new baby will be here hopefully? If not, I get a refund on my shipping costs which is good to hear. Amazon; I doubted you but perhaps there is a good apple in their after all. Apple Inc. is ridiculous though; leaving Google Maps is an immature move but I suppose it's for the best. Apple Inc. does make good products; they're just too limited for my tastes. Hey, I'm just saying is all!


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