Fifty shades of grey

It's a new fad around the nation; even at work, it's intensifying with every book. A book that is said to be controversial and full of BDSM talk; erotic conversation, and intense sexual affairs. Sex shops are even getting in on the action. 

I began reading a chapter on it; considering I hate reading...this book is really like people say; it's very addicting. I'm finding myself wanting to buy the trilogy just to read the rest of it. I'm not sure how the writer is able to grab so many of us like this but it's almost magical in a sense. I like it so far though; it's different. 

A book worth noting considering its public notion so far. It isn't often I find myself captivated by words; this may be a point of collection for me. I may fall into this trap and force myself to put the books down when I learn I can't get enough of the graces of page by page full of intense vocabulary and shining humor.


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