Another one to the list

So I work with a lot of signs that I've had trouble with in the past. Relatively similar to my exes so to speak. It turns out it isn't the sign that makes the person; it's the persona that is within that person that really finds the realism of their true being.

One of my favorite co-workers is an Aquarius. She's hilarious and a very very hard worker. I value having her part of my team from which I work with everyday I come in. Pisces aren't so bad after all, many of the people at work tend to be the following signs:

- Taurus
- Virgo
- Scorpio
- Gemini
- Leo
- Aquarius
- Pisces

So far, I've yet to run into any other signs but I'm certain they're around somewhere. Overall, I get along best with Pisces and Scorpio. Leo is a good sign for me in terms of the workplace and Aquarius fits well in the work place as well. Most of the other signs are not ones I've had a lot of experience with when at work; slightly more so than a Taurus; whom while has a very kind and social personality with me can be a bit distant from time to time making it hard to get certain tasks achieved within a timed process.

They are great people though and I'm glad that I have the opportunity to rectify my view of their traits. I may have had a history that wasn't so prosperous but this experience is allowing me to really learn the reality behind signs. To understand socialism better and to grasp my working points in figuring out who I am and where I need to work more within myself.

Virgo's are not shabby after all; if they are women. Virgo men tend to be a bit brash and off putting to me for some reason. This can also apply to several other signs where women tend to be easier to get on with versus men who tend to have a more dominant side to the sign and make it quite tough to really grasp their traits. It's nothing personal, but it's now that I'm learning who I really need and the kind of men I want to share my love with. Love being, a relationship of course. Sexuality is nice and all but it's nothing without love; plain and simple truth.

Either way, I'm fond of these people I work with. I can only hope and pray that it continues to improve. I forgot to mention that I work with an Aries and she is pretty great as well. One of the nicest signs I've met next to Aquarius'. Well, it's time to hit the sheets. I only get one more day off and then it's back to the sales floor to do my duties. I tell you one thing; it sure is exhausting working 9-5 jobs but in the end; it's all worth it when you see what the money can do for you and your family. I'm finally taking care of myself for a change. I don't know what I ever thought in letting others do so but this time; it's my responsibility and I'm valuing that closely. No man will ever clean up my mess because I have my life again and my life will be forever under my wing.


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