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Jelly bean, oh jelly bean

So I wasn't getting updates from Google.
I took it on as a challenge and ended up flashing the brand new Android 4.1 version which was shown at Google I/O this past week.
It's absolutely lovely :)
Have a look:

New Shiny Toy Guns single debut today!

Waiting AloneThe new album drops later this month :) Carah Faye is back <3#III

Best album lately


One of the great treasures of living in America is the addition of Roku. A streaming player that offers up to 500+ channels for free.It works with virtually any TV and streams in 1080p HD. I bought one and I'm in love with it already :) You should get one (Sadly, it is only available in the U.S. currently but keep checking)

Fifty shades of grey

It's a new fad around the nation; even at work, it's intensifying with every book. A book that is said to be controversial and full of BDSM talk; erotic conversation, and intense sexual affairs. Sex shops are even getting in on the action. 
I began reading a chapter on it; considering I hate reading...this book is really like people say; it's very addicting. I'm finding myself wanting to buy the trilogy just to read the rest of it. I'm not sure how the writer is able to grab so many of us like this but it's almost magical in a sense. I like it so far though; it's different. 
A book worth noting considering its public notion so far. It isn't often I find myself captivated by words; this may be a point of collection for me. I may fall into this trap and force myself to put the books down when I learn I can't get enough of the graces of page by page full of intense vocabulary and shining humor.


What a year it was then. I was young; sad however from bullying but nothing that a loving sister couldn't fix in the day.

I decided to take it back tonight; I loved the jazz and indie version of Goldfrapp when she first debuted back in 2000. Her music is still amazing to me; even then it was clear her talent was unwaveringly excellent. She has a weird musical track however it's lovely to hear because it shows her creative process was clearly intimate within her editing and such before the releases came.

I value her highly; almost as if she's like a queen to me. More so; I respect her as the talent she really is. I'd love to attend the school she attended; clearly she learned from the best. Goldfrapp; never stop baby. We love you.

Coming soon

Someone new. Someone fearless. Someone like...


I've known for a bit lately just how frustrating it is trying to comment on my blog. That's why today; I've lifted the restriction that was left on and decided to welcome all comments from any reader; no matter whom it is.

At this moment; as long as you register via Google, Wordpress, Livejournal, AIM or any other OpenID compatible service; you are able to leave a comment. Please remember that if you don't want to follow me; you can hide your presence by clicking on "Follow privately" when in the prompt window after logging in. I do not mind it at all. So long as you don't harass or bully anyone using my blog.

So to all newcomers; welcome :) and to all dedicated readers, I love you all and I'm thankful that you've stuck around for so long. In the coming time ahead, if all goes well, I will make commenting allowable to the general public without a need to login or subscribe to my blog. If this becomes the case; I will let you all know here with a d…

Loving the French

Check out "Amelie"I never really watched any French movies but I figured it's worth a shot.I love French accents and I find some Frenchman sexy these days. So I think I might watch this foreign comedy. I need a good laugh :)

So I might...

Cover this sometime? I love the beat and I think I'm capable.

So I noticed...

Libra men are generally pretty stable signs for me. They don't mind sharing the spotlight and well, they have romanticism within the core of their sign. Every Libra I've been around tends to find quite a liking to me, sometimes to the point that the dating card is pulled and I'm left wondering "What just happened here?"

I learned something last night during a conversation with my friend Brock over the phone. He explained that since my number is 9; I can fit into any sign/number because 9+ whatever the number is essentially that number. I guess this explains why these days I can get along with every sign almost; excluding some Virgo and some Cancer people. I get along with Leo's almost perfectly and Libra's are pretty much my best match so far. Capricorns are nice however and they provide me with great conversation; a good friendly sign. Sagittarius is a bit in between; it can either work or fall short quickly.

As for the rest of the signs; it's pretty…

Can't stop

It's one of those wake up, eat a donut because you still can without gaining a pound, and wear something furry and pimp savvy kind of days.

I hit the play button on my phone to hear one of JES' singles she did in collaboration not long ago. I love her music. It's the perfect amount of vocals and club centric tune. I really like the song. For some reason it reminds of an early morning Sweden. I guess Robyn wore herself on me after all.

Yesterday at work I overheard a beautiful woman speaking to her kids; her accent was lovely I must say. I was endeared to finally hear something from afar right there before my eyes. I know; I'm weird but I'm weak for an accent on anyone. If you have one; I instantly can't help but fall into your demise. Or so it has been since I was a child. Perhaps it's because of heritage or just the fact that as a Leo; I'm very emotional and it makes me react differently than what most people would.

I've tailored to the Italians, F…

I love myself

I really do and it's far beyond every other love I've had. It's not selfish but protective. It's raw. It's always aware and my love for myself is genuinely secure. I have no doubts about it.

It took years to come to my place of true happiness and when I was able to find it again; I was set free. I was able to learn more of myself that was locked away again. I was able to finally find smiling an easy thing for me.

It's constant in my work as well. I greet my customers with love and care everyday and I will even have delightful conversations to help bring comfort to my customers shopping experience because I know that I would want that from an employee if I were shopping at my store. It's common courtesy and something that I want to prove as a practice that can help change lives.

I don't look for love anymore because I feel I finally found it and it belongs in me. It's not in human form; and it isn't rare anymore to find its grace. Love isn't …

I went there

For free baby. For free. All with the help of Google Earth on my new phone. It's amazing what you can do on these things :)Take that Expedia.

Good will hunting

I've always been a fan of Good Will stores. They are remarkable in their attempt to raise money for charities through sales of used clothes at discount prices. They of course wash them thoroughly before selling them to you; so don't be alarmed.

Often times, it's my favorite clothing store to shop. It's budget savvy and cheaper than retail and it's got hidden gifts of labeled proportions. Did I mention I found a Juicy Couture bag for $15 there? I bought it of course and many of my friends and co-workers are quite jealous indeed.

I've landed other treasures as well, such as a beautiful jacket with a poofy fur trim to give me that Goldfrapp appeal. I've also bought a new pair of tan boots for winter there as well and a nice Rocawear jacket for winter to go with it :)

It's not what you wear however; it's how you wear it. I've learned on my own what works for me and so far; I look best in black; white; and earth tones. I can pull off anything however…

Phase 1: Why he probably can't love you

Leo's are emotional. Very emotional. Often times, if it's emo looking; it might be a Leo. This is in fact; true. In a delightful conversation with a fellow co-worker; she has two Leo children. She's a Scorpio. Her kids were a prime example in my realization of what took me some time to learn about myself. I'm a very emotional being. Sometimes my emotions are too strong and that can kill the passion in a relationship because as a Leo; it can be hard to give space because Leo's want the full picture; the entire cake and then some. We can be demanding emotionally because we crave the attention. It's sad; but real.

Here's a breakdown of why it didn't work before. I was with the opposite type of me. Those people may have had some emotional tendencies but they weren't within the same type of level of a Leo. Making it tough to work with. Aquarius' will only give a Leo so much; not the entire picture. Taurus' are great friends and great lovers in th…

Another one to the list

So I work with a lot of signs that I've had trouble with in the past. Relatively similar to my exes so to speak. It turns out it isn't the sign that makes the person; it's the persona that is within that person that really finds the realism of their true being.

One of my favorite co-workers is an Aquarius. She's hilarious and a very very hard worker. I value having her part of my team from which I work with everyday I come in. Pisces aren't so bad after all, many of the people at work tend to be the following signs:

- Taurus
- Virgo
- Scorpio
- Gemini
- Leo
- Aquarius
- Pisces

So far, I've yet to run into any other signs but I'm certain they're around somewhere. Overall, I get along best with Pisces and Scorpio. Leo is a good sign for me in terms of the workplace and Aquarius fits well in the work place as well. Most of the other signs are not ones I've had a lot of experience with when at work; slightly more so than a Taurus; whom while has a very …

I don't do it often but...

I want to recommend a site that Google created called Schemer. Schemer is a place where you can grab ideas on what to do within your neighborhood or country even. Things like DIY, Movies to see, Places to visit, and a butt load of other things from other users just like you. I started trying it out and I love it so far. So many ideas there and I've got a full list of things to do from it now :)

Make your own lotion bars 
An example is above of what you might see there. You tap on a plus sign box to show you want to do that task and then on the check box if you've already done it. It's kinda like Pinterest for ideas. I would highly recommend it and I think that many people who get bored easily or just want something new to try, would find a lot of use out of this app. Yes, this includes international folks. You can even create ideas or tasks for other people to try and do. It's simple, fun, and it's a lot of fun. Check it out at

I may be poor but I can look like I'm rich ;)

I just bought my new phone via; this will be my last purchase for awhile. It boasts a ton of amazing features and includes high end specs that I would normally have to get a contract plan to receive. It's a newer phone and one that will include a ton of storage space; fit for a app savvy user like myself.

I purchased the Samsung Galaxy Nexus from Google. It's one of the first phones to have Android 4.1 Jelly Bean; an awesome new OS update that has the user in mind. I will be able to use this phone in ways that I couldn't use my phone before. It's pretty much going to be my business, personal, and otherwise phone. It will be at my doorstep between June 11-June 14. Can't wait to start using this lovely phone! :)

Here, have a look; it's super beautiful:

Detailed Samsung Galaxy Nexus i9250 Specs:


2G Network
GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900

3G Network
HSDPA 850 / 900 / 1700 / 1900 / 2100

4G Network
LTE 700 (region specific)


2011, October


Lead on by the garden boy

Like any other rant; this one is more than true. It's still going. I work with a guy who proceeded his interest in me via text not long after meeting me. He wanted to take me out on a date and I said that I would love to attend such date. However, weeks later after he bluntly never spoke a word to me; he tells me he's dating someone else. He never even had the kindness in his heart to tell me that he was no longer interested.

People wonder why our world is full of lust and violence. It's because of the people. People haven't kept morals together for years now and it's showing in our cultures. Love is overrated to most people because of this loss in the fabrication of our human instinct. They've lost the hope for love and the enjoyment to find it and keep it. Our people are filled with hatred in the third degree. Some are tricky about it and sly upon their approach and others are straight-forward and intense about it.

The reason I've stayed single for so lon…

Apple inspired by Sandra Bullock movie

So apparently, Apple is coming up with actual software that mimics the 1995 film; "The Net" starring Sandra Bullock. The film follows a girl whom works for a corporation when she becomes a victim of identity theft after finding out chilling details hidden about the company she's working for. Long story short; Gatekeeper was the name of the software used to steal millions of people's data and identities within the movie. Why Apple would choose to name their security software in the upcoming release of OS X Mountain Lion is beyond me. One thing is for sure however; you must always be careful regardless of which company your dealing with. For now, we can only make jokes of this one; I mean come on Apple. Gatekeeper? Sounds a bit Windows 98 if you ask me.

A truth set free

Here's a little tid bit about me that I learned through a friend of mine recently. I'm not as good of a person as I thought I was; though I try to say the least.

A reason behind my love of makeup is because of the basis from my childhood when I was teased based on my appearance. I spend hours just in the mirror trying to perfect how I look and feel before leaving my house because I don't like being judged. I fear rejection and I loath hatred.

When I was younger I was teased about the clothes I wore, how I acted, my voice, the way I was seen in the eyes of the ignorant folk. Many whom have met me never understand my actions or why I had strange reactions to the way that people interact usually to particular situations. This post is a small portion of me being able to finally come out about what I've battled for years since I was a small child.

I was abused as a child; not by parents or family members but by my peers. I feared walking on my own for a long time because in…