That odd moment when...

A guy you meet resembles an awfully high amount of similarity with an ex boyfriend of yours.

Similarity 1 - He's tall

Similarity 2 - He has an enchanting smile

Similarity 3 - He looks very European

Similarity 4 - He's very intelligent

Similarity 5 - He knows how to dress well

Similarity 6 - He's very kind

Similarity 7 - He has a classy side

Okay, so yeah maybe I'm drawing a bit of a line here but really; it's rare that these moments happen to me but I figured it was worthy of a few minutes to note. He's cute and pretty sweet so far; so the odds are...things will work well between us (because he's sweet, mind you) but's strange...seeing a familiar face attached to a very different individual...It's almost surreal

He's from upstate New York; so in a sense; he's got a bit of that Dutch undertone that New York is known for. Again; another similarity (although my ex is actually Dutch and quite fluent in the art of french, and many other Euro languages)

It seems more and more of the Dutch culture pops up from time to time in my life. The other day I bought a pack of cookies from the store and out of all places; they came from Holland. I have to say; Dutch people know how to make sweets. Me like baby, me like.

Though it could stand a bit odd; I kind of like the similarities. It's almost like I get to meet the real guy this time; except in an optical illusion kind of way. What's more strange however is that he's in my area and he also resembles much of my ex's boyfriend too. It's like this; if the two has a baby and put him in New York; he would look like this guy. Attractive and so so European. Ah, how I love culture changes :)

Enough of my ranting though; time to stalk my refrigerator for cookies. Yes Kenmore; I'm after you!


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