Tell me it isn't so

After some research on the 13 bloodlines of the Illuminati; it would appear that I had a close call of dabble with that bloodline considering someone I knew.

Out of all people I knew; it had to be you that has historical ties within your family to this organization; or so many sources have claimed. I won't judge you personally but I find it scary to think of the very thought of it ever coming to terms.

While I know someone who rebukes such causes; I can't help but be cautious of my surroundings and the people whom I am involved. Luckily I won't ever be approached to join such a sinister cult but if I ever had that happen because of family ties like you; I'd refuse and move.

I hope that your not fallen within those secrets and I was blinded to be such a fool to this idea but if I was; it's good that our paths stirred within different reason. I couldn't bare to see my family be put in danger. I won't accept it because accepting such vulgar behavior is accepting evil. I refuse to accept evil.


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