Reality is dead

Fame, riches, glory, and abundance of financial providence is nothing less than a cop out.

So many people in the world want a luxury life; to live in homes that look like corporate palaces and have no edge or flare in personal touch but rather look exactly like the typical stage setting for an ill conceived idea of what is supposed to be.

I've looked at so many homes and seen such a false resemblance of what we are as people and realized that so many people in our world are under control; but neglect to realize; it's not their own.

Just because your family has the goods or your name is popular among conversations and tabloids; doesn't give you a right to badger and spread vainglory of your fortunes upon the less fortunate. The less fortunate paid for your happiness and your well being.

People someones wonder after meeting me why money is so evil and meaningless to me. It's because of these folks who roam our planet advocating so many false practices and damaging outlooks that I've come to hate the existence of money and power. Both have corrupt our society and our minds. We've become a spoiled nation. A nation of deceivers and selfish self centered.

If God could rewrite our life and rebuild our world to be in his ideals; do you believe he would choose to offer these evils to us? Do you believe he would want to see our demise because of the lack of love and the mind control that is played by subliminal messaging in our music and movies?

Shame on the ones who have turned my country and our planet into a joke. It's unjust and unkind. I won't fall into the agenda. I won't be a cop out because I believe in ONE GOD UNDER JUSTICE FOR ALL.


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