Random blogging soon

I'm not sure but to better aggregate my blogging; all picture blogging may have a dedicated photo blog soon. I want to record my experiences in life through photos at times.

It's not clear yet as to how I will do it but so far, I want to have my own photo blog where I share photos (that I take) at which interest me or I find a liking to upon saving.

I've never done a photo only blog but perhaps it will work well for me for a bit. I want to speak through photography. A new love of mine that I've found.

So, when I have this blog made and ready; I'll post a link to it here for all to see. Get to know the Brandon that has come to be. Get to know what I've fallen for. My highs and lows. Everything that delves into the life of.

It sounds vain; but it won't be. I plan to use my photo blog as a means to vent in photo form; to talk through photos; and to share my feelings through photography. Not always using myself as the prop but life itself.


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