The problem is...

When I try to reach out and do my best to prove that I've done quite a number of good for your acceptance in me; your still neglecting my presence and you deny my call. It's unfair considering that I've done my part to repair all of my wrong doings whenever it was that I could; it's time for you to start doing your part and helping to repair broken pieces as well. It's not much; just enough to let it go even more.

I know; I mean nothing to you because you've held such a grudge that even Queen Elizabeth couldn't fix but it's time that we grow up. I'd rather fancy a moment to really express our new lives. I've become a better person (not just from your perspectives) but from my own reflections after the situations that occurred.

The truth is; I've missed talking to you as friends. I've missed hearing about the land afar and how different things are. I've missed seeing your happiness shine. Call me a fool for feeling this way but it's something I can't help. I'm too gullible to these things. A new year calls for a little blessing; don't you think?

Either way, good things come to those who wait. I did my part to get where I am now; it's a long shot considering so many of the things I still have left to accomplish but I tried and I did what it was that we fought over for so long. I was in denial of my goodness. I was in denial of the strength that I had deep within because I felt unworthy for too long.

So as I try to reach out once more; ask yourself this...Whom have I forgiven lately?

Though speaking to me is far fetched considering the anger that is still built up within you; it's worthy a shot at some point. He's right you know; this is ridiculous and we are acting like children. It's time we address things like adults. It's time we forgive each other.

I'll still be here once you've cleared that head of yours and you're ready to speak again. I'm not asking for much; just a chance for us to catch up. It's a crazy idea but I don't like fighting. I don't like it one bit. It would be great to know that something good became of the situations between us.

This time; I'm for real. It's time.



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