Optimistic, Pessimistic

So here lately, work has taken a lot out of me. I've already had to use our Open Door policy (an anti-harassment policy) due to a member of third shift; a guy that used to be interested in me found someone else and to top it off; I have no way to get my bed delivered to my doorstep without dipping into my car savings which I have to loan to pay bills.

Life can be a hassle sometimes and it's almost unbearable when you really start to think about it. How does one deal with all this without wanting to explode into space and never return?

The moral of the week so far is "You can't always get what you want" and I'm learning that applies to every part of life. I didn't get the results I wanted with the bullying, I didn't get the boyfriend I was hoping to get, and I didn't get a comfortable bed to sleep on. Where do you go from here? Has work consumed me? Am I no longer in tact within my life?

Guess time can only tell but if it keeps throwing curve balls for too long; I might have to switch routes and take a leap into boredom and depression again; or so the cycle would claim usually. I really need a fucking vacation. Seriously.


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