No time left

So this morning I was greeted with a text message from Tony. A guy I've been dating for some time now to find that he wanted to quit being together considering that we never get to see each other due to our busy lives.

Ever since I started working and he got promoted at his new job; it just hasn't been the same. Neither one of us is able to keep up with each other or much less really contact each other. I've had this problem a lot; not being able to have a relationship that fits the mold of the rest of my agenda during the days but it's really taking a toll.

I've come to the conclusion; my final verdict for myself that love and all that Hollywood bullshit isn't for me. I don't have time for it and it certainly has no time for me. I want to focus on my life; on what will keep me happy and keep me within good shoes. I'm tired of the misguides and the updated appearance of more dropouts who would rather waste time than really dive into my heart. So I'm done. I give up all of the love I have. If I can't share it; then no one will ever gain it again. I'd rather never love again than love again and get hurt constantly.

PS: We all know that I'm being dramatic here. Really though; I've found what works for me and for me; it's saying "FUCK OFF" to people and their bullshit and living my life. Only I can keep myself from hurting; no man is capable anymore because no man is willing these days to grasp the chance.

Well, I'm off...not about to mope over stupid shit...did it for three years; I'm ready to have some fun again...and fun; I will have.


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