Memorial day weekend

So it's often times now that I have many foreign customers in my store. We tailor to many people whom are French, Italian, Hispanic, Indian, and so on. It's relaxing sometimes to get people from other places.

Aside from that. No one likes third shift and many could argue it's common among a lot of businesses like ours but I can understand the antsy side of it all. I don't like however, being told what to do by someone who isn't even part of management. Though, I digress and stand still because in the work world; it's all you can do.

Please, don't act like your better at my job. We're all in the same boat, with the same issues at the end of the day. Deal with it like a civilized human being.

Anyway, it's always 11:23pm and I've got to be up for work tomorrow. It seems I'll be pulling another 1pm-10pm shift tomorrow and then following the week with 12pm-9pm shifts. I prefer any time before 10pm to be honest but at this rate; I'll take what I can get.

Hope everyone has a spectacularly fun filled weekend and please; be safe :)


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