Long shifts

Here lately I've been overly busy with work. I haven't had any time to really do any catching up with friends or go out to have a nice night out. I've started a goal at which I will be opening a savings account for soon. I want to get myself a car.

After paying the electric bill and our internet bill the other day; I got $250 back and so I'm at an endless debate; get a bed (since I sleep on the floor) or save all of it towards my car.

I'm not particularly sure what to do with it; it's rare that I make any goals or decisions when it comes to my money cause frankly; not a lot can be done with it these days. I'm thinking of saving for my car now rather than wait until Thursday when I get paid again. Yet, I really want a futon and well, I need an actual bed...what I sleep on now is just not healthy for anyone really

Ah, the joys of figuring out how to spend...I've already learned how to budget groceries and things; it's just a matter of taking it all into effect without losing sight of what you're trying to accomplish

Well, time to get ready for work...another 1-10 shift today...but long hours are good...more cash in my account ;)

Did I mention; I get 37 hours next week? Much better than my usual 32 :)


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