I'm crazy

So many of my friends think I've gone crazy; I call it dedication. See, I get up 4 hours in advance for work; any remaining hours or minutes that I have left to kill go towards my preparing for my work such as taking early morning store tours to familiarize myself with new merchandise and eating a balanced breakfast to help jump start my day.

You can call me crazy all you want but I work hard and I take my job seriously. I'll do what I have to do to ensure that I perform at my best for my customers and my customers seem to be thankful so far. I've had many members of my team tell me how great of a job I'm doing and how sweet I am with customers; it's very moving to have so much love and support from the associates I work with. Everyone is really kind and they really work hard. I'm with a great team of people and I couldn't ask for anyone else.

In terms of love; I'm still realizing that loving yourself comes first and after that is the moment where you can start to share that love with another person. Though I have a boyfriend; I've been offered to go out on dates and politely declined considering that I wouldn't want to jeopardize my good relationship. Still, it's a great thing to realize that you still got it. That special spark; that seducing flow. Did I mention that often times; many marines that walk around my area end up staring at my ass from time to time? Yeah, if I'm ugly...explain that one...

But I'm not ugly and people who say I am are simply hateful and blind. I'm a beautiful person and I know this because of my heart. In my heart lies kindness and honesty; two things that many of the accusers would never understand nor have. Grow up; I say. It's time to be grown adults.

Well, it's 7:06am here; time to get the ball rolling and get dressed for work. Today is going to be a great day. I won't allow it to be anything less than that :)


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