An ideal battle for sound

To jump start on my EP that I'm working on in August this year; I've found a label with great production though it isn't in my style; it's a start. Yes, I'll be dabbling into R&B and considering my falsetto style; it may work for me.

One track has claimed me already which is produced by Nine Diamond and features  beautiful vocals from Young Marquis whom contributes a beautiful hook to the track I'm considering. It's $35 for licensing which is a small price to pay for such good production quality. I'm superbly picky with whom I'm wanting to work with these days. I want quality music; beats and rhythms that I can not only feel but write to.

I'm still exploring my options as of this moment but I'm hoping to get started on my EP this summer. I've put it off for quite some time; considering my success lately with work; it's time to jump into the music bus and get to singing. I miss you oh dearest microphone. I need your vibrations in my ears.


Aside from this ordeal; I've fallen in love with The Ropes' latest track entitled "Lack of Technology Made Me A Killer". It's beat resonates in my ears so beautifully. Well, time to enjoy my movie and dinner.

PS: Don't watch "One Day"....The cute British guy loses Anne Hathaway at the end of the movie....yes, I cried like a baby...but really....send him my way ;D ah, the single life is rather nice again...I can't date and work at the same time; I'm too single tasked for that LOL


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