I love my haters

I often get laughed at and made fun of by ignorant customers from time to time at work. It's a thing that while it agitates me; I'm relieved to know that they can laugh all they want because guess what? They pay my bills. So who's really got the last laugh? ;)

Still these people normally do it because they come from places in our country that are still stuck in the 18th century. It's not right but they do. Sadly to say that our country is falling and falling every day and nothing can be done about it because our government would rather spend money on things we don't need than take care of their people.

Found out today that I work with a Leo; she's from Brooklyn New York and her accent makes me smile. I love northern accents. Guys with them however; not always sexy but still; in a "spice it up" kind of way, it can work.

Oh, and I thought I saw a look-a-like for a minute today. Though he was a shorter version; he looked similarly to my ex. I thought and remembered that it wasn't him; 10,000 miles is way too long for such a vast speed trip like that. So I concurred and proceeded onto my business.

Work is nice lately. I work with great people; I get to do things that I couldn't do in other jobs that I considered and every day is a surprise. Not to mention all the unbelievably sexy guys that walk around...it's hard to keep professional but I still manage :)

Well, enough of my ranting....pizza's done and I have to get ready for bed...I'm working 1pm-10pm all week with a 2pm-11pm shift on Saturday :) - Yes, this Leo is busy busy busy these days and loving it! <3


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