Sexy Euro Kid

Contrary to me having a boyfriend now; I have to vent just a little bit about a certain little hottie who stole the storm last night with Tyler. Tyler is cute too though :) so many cute people and I never knew they existed around here. I'm truly blessed though; I've found a guy that really likes me for me; no makeup needed, no boundaries inflamed, and no hurt or regret so far. We've only be dating for a week or so but it's already onto a nice start and I'm happier than I have been in a very long time.

Now, onto this European hottness. He had the most gorgeous face I've seen on anyone, great smile, and such a lovely attitude. I mean, he had class, wit, charm, humor, and kindness all rolled into one. Not shockingly; he was a cool kid who came from Hawaii and came from a rich family. Rich kids are actually pretty awesome after all. Not all of them are major douche bags :)

My boyfriend already knows that if I had been single; I would of snatched him up ;) I still have a weakness for hot European men. I can't help it. They really are super beautiful and some are the total package; makes me wonder however...why are so many of the sexy one's single still?

Regardless, it's great to meet such an eclectic crowd of people. I look forward to meeting more in the coming months. Did I mention he was super stylish and smelled soooooo good?

Yeah, Chanel blue was his scent and I can't help to say it but; I was in awe over it. I mean, hygiene is extremely important to me and well, if you wear a little something sexy for me; it's an easy win for me. I guess I'm simple on that note but I'm very much into the designer cuties. Which may make me seem a bit vain or snobby in some eyes but I just like things that look great and if a guy looks great; I can't ignore it. I must adore it :)

So it's 8:14am here and I'll be leaving the house at around 9:00am to start my interview with Walmart's Home Living shift manager; Leah. I'm excited but anxious because I want 9:30 to hurry up and get here already!

I'm not overly confident but I think I have a high chance of getting a job. I really hope this happens and it works out for me; I've waited a long time for something to come of this place and to finally have someone who is giving recognition proves that maybe I am a great person after all. Everyone loves me so far because I'm random and extremely funny these days. I do everything from making fun of Cher to taking about ugly vagina and my favorite taste of alcohol. Yes, I'm quite the person now that my confidence has blossomed. I'm ME again.

With some people, you can't be you. That changed the day I realized that people will either accept or deny and if you deny me; shame to you...shame!

Though I have enough respect to say that if a person starts to like me after some time of not liking me; I'm forgiving. A lot of people neglect to remember; I'm a very very very forgiving person. Even if I share a difficult past with you or you've done me wrong in so many ways; I'm able to forgive because forgiveness sets your heart free and my heart is free.

Damn it though, half German and half Norwegian, I need me one of those guys <3 So freaking pretty. I really do have a fault for gorgeous men. It's a curse I love and hate at the same time. I'll always want what I can't have though; mainly because I'm never lucky enough to get what I want. Well, not in that department, haha


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