A new era gives you BRANNI

Recently I decided that in this year; I'm going to try and bring back my inner musician. I've let him rest for too long and I fear losing my talents if I can't harness what I've been given. I'm taking my voice back.

Along with this, is the edition of two exclusive cover art pieces for consideration in my next release. Both are artistic and modern with an edgy approach and grasp on today's ever intense pop evolution. I've decided to keep this project as private as possible so that I may work on it within my own bounds. I want to express myself in new ways but provide a quality experience for my listeners or soon-to-be listeners.

I'm strong enough to know I can accomplish making this happen on my own right now. The beauty of making music is that there isn't a requirement set in stone within your lyrical formation; musical infrastructure, and overall beat. You can do anything.

The first cover art is for the 8 song EP entitled "Polaroid Lips" which is releasing in August of 2013 following the debut of the second cover art which is the debut cover.

A lot of work will be done this year; so this may be a slow blog following these events but I will ensure that I give it my all this time and try to make something of these words that are busting into my mind. I'm excited beyond feeling.

Enjoy :)


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