Just some fun lyrical pieces I wrote

"You shot me down and I can't can't ignore it; if I didn't find love, I'd have to adore it...I wasn't enough but now I'm all for it, you brought me back and I can't can't ignore it...ignore it...I I can't ignore it...ignore it...I I can't can't ignore it...I had nothing before now" -Before Now

"Purple skies, cotton sways, these words come out like a play and I'm ready...I'm ready to let you stay so I won't ever cry again cause these drops of red won't be able to leave an imprint" -Red

"I didn't feel that moment until I bought your CD and then in the next room you were f******* my bestie...Like gloves, I'm about to pop you off; neglect the right to an advertisement; cause I'm dangerous like the boys on your screen; I'm raw baby and you can't handle me" -Raw 

"I stamped my dreams on paper and wished my youth away. The nights got sicker and my heart was pressed for space and I was saying "I'm not ready for this, can't wait to feel that hit and miss"...My world was on fire in the third degree, these people were always f**** with me" -Like A Queen

"F*** F*** F*** F*** F***, Touch my body and make me nut...I want that vibration that you got and those lips are so f****** hot...I feel your skin making me tremble; like vultures we go down until there ain't no signal" -F*** Me Like You'll Never See Me

Nothing official but at least I'm writing again ;) 


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