Job Interview, says YAY! :)

Today started out pretty amazingly. I'm super blessed. I woke up around noon and the first thing to happen for me was a phone call from Walmart asking me to come in for an interview. They told me to be there by 4pm and so I got a shower, shaved, and picked out my Sunday best. I was so nervous but it was such a relief when they told me that they wanted me to come in for a second interview tomorrow morning at 9:30!

First off, I'm amazed that they considered a second interview; it's not an easy task to get that far but I'm happy to be lucky enough to get that far. I'm still a little nervous because well, anything can happen but this is it you guys! I finally found a place that is accepting of me so far. The employees are super nice and fun people and the department I would be working in is one of the great spots in the store.

According to Michelle, a zone supervisor who interviewed me today; I'd be working in the Home Living region of the store. Stocking, cleaning, and tidying up things. I'd also have working experience within the Customer Service area as well. Given the shift, I'm assuming that I would be working 3rd shift considering that my hours are so versatile as is. I can work virtually at anytime and I'd be okay with it.

Just when I gave up and said...forget opportunity knocks right on my door :)

God really does work in mysterious ways. I'm so thankful and so happy that I have been given this opportunity. It's a chance to learn, to better myself, to prove myself, and to really get in touch with reality. I'm not going to say that I have this job because that will be determined tomorrow but I feel very confident in this. I mean, a SECOND interview? I NEVER EVER EVER EVER get those. This is good for me :)

UPDATE: Upon arriving this morning for my interview, the shift manager had to reschedule for Monday at 9:30am considering that the store's system was down. I'm anxious for Monday to arrive. I hope I get the job.


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