It's official!

You are looking at the newest member of Walmart. My job is to zone, stock/restock, and provide high quality customer service within the Domestics/Home Living department. In other words; I'll be a gay Martha Stewart for Walmart.

Tuesday was my orientation. I did great and I had a lot of fun meeting new members as well as some that have worked with Walmart for years. There are a real great bunch of employee's at this store and I'm so honored to be working along side there teams.

I never pictured myself as being a Walmart employee but looking in the mirror with my box cutter attached to my pants and my badge clipped to my collar; I feel like I am finally going places. Like I matter to someone and they respect my decisions and opinions. Walmart may not be everyone's ideal work choice but for me; it's perfect. Especially considering all the OCD's I have. Mostly with cleanliness, organizing, and color coordination.

Someone once said that I could never do it. That I would never find success or make anything of myself; you were wrong. I'm finding success and I'm making an effort to better my life for ME. I hope that one day we can speak again to each other in a mature and respectful manner but regardless; I've proven my point that I don't need the drama and that I can take care of myself. I got this job and sailed through it all on my own without anyone else's help. I can thank God that I've made such a recovery in my life because without this job; I'd still be searching and endlessly giving up from time to time; wishing I could do something productive.

Well, here I go everyone. It's almost 7am and I have day shift today from 8am-5pm :) It's time to get busy!



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