Dear Illuminati

I used to love Madonna's music and now you've taken it and made it into something that I can't even feel or relate to. Unfair. I feel bad for the day that you will have to answer for all of your sin. You could be doing so much good with all this 'power' that you have and yet your destroying humanity. It's not right. It's cruel and cynical.

Leave Madonna alone please. Why take everything great in our music and movies and create something evil from it? Be original about it at least and stop shoving your beliefs and Egyptian cultural dances and imagery down our throats. I was given a right in 1776 to believe whom I want to and I believe in God. The one and only God that I will ever put my faith and belief into.

Contrary to everyone out there. I'm not falling for your symbolic mind warp. Sorry, I believe in only one God and he won't kill off random musicians because they don't agree with his agenda. So you can take your imagery and control and leave it at the door. I won't ever sell my soul to you. I'd never sell my soul to a society of greedy and selfish controlling people who only care for money and death. Life is stronger. Our nation is falling into a black hole because of you. You're turning our society into a society without hope. A society without freedom. Freedom is what set our nation apart.

You will never have my vote. I rebuke your power and I rebuke to ever be part of your movement.

PS: Leave my friends alone. None of them want to be involved in your propaganda.


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