A couple old short writings I had laying around...never posted these before

Writing 1: Girl

An eye looking for love but what shows is never enough
The girl in white makes a beautiful lie
Whispering to her friends, this is what I've wanted
but fair to be that she will never see past the sun
Love doesn't form from ink and paper
but lights beyond the green surely to take her
Fancy so young but hard as a shell
Like gaskets for old guns; her weakness can tell

Writing 2: Worth

In pictures, it shows, it glows
Dynamic, always changing, can't complain
The wind will carry what hurts us away
and like a child, there are secrets
Can't you stop deceiving; is it worth while?
Out the corner of our eyes, forewarned and forearmed
A place never known but surely seen
Delighted by the devil; surely to make you die
Say a prayer for the others; never left them in despair


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