As if it could get any worse; my roommate, is sick with the Flu too. Despite my efforts to disinfect daily, wear a mask for protection, wash my hands thoroughly often, and keep away from contact; he got sick as well.

That's the thing that sucks about this season; it's always beautiful outside but it's lethal on people like me. I've always had bad allergies and when you combine that with sicknesses that go around every year at this time; it's a pain in the bum to deal with.

I've been taking Tessalon (200mg) for cough and while it's not working as well as what I believe they are capable of providing; it's working in a sense of lowering the amount of coughing I've been doing. I couldn't afford Tamiflu because it's around $100 just for a small prescription of it. It's mainly because of all the pain killer they put in it. Instead; I've substituted it for Tylenol, and daytime cough syrup.

If I lived in Europe; I would have never needed the substitutes and I'd probably be well on my way to feeling ever better right now if I had my way.

Guess you get what you get sometimes; right? Stupid health coverage. MAKE IT AFFORDABLE and then people wouldn't be so hesitate to sign up to be covered by your company. I mean; really...


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