Today is the BIG day

My final post was posted. Today is the day when everything will be wiped clean. When I'll finally be free from the chains of my past and renewed by the idea of a positive future.

While many years were spent battling myself; addictions; woes; and struggles...this moment indicates a massive change for's a chance to reinvent the wheel and revise what I've done in my life...a chance to start over for the leave all my cares behind and to finally blossom....

I've debated this decision for some time now but it didn't dawn until recently how important of a decision it is for me to make. I didn't realize that I could gain so much more by doing this; that I could learn to love and respect better; that I could learn to let go.

This time; I'm truly letting go. This is the first place to delete. I'll worry of other places later but for now...I'll start with this's spring time anyway; time to clean up some things before I take it further

On love; love is beautiful and it is of fond memory to remember the positive influences it had on me this past year; the smiles...the laughter....the joys of waking up and knowing that someone was thinking about me...but this year isn't important in that rite...this year is about my personal life...about fixing the broken patches; building the foundations that I want to have and working on the character within...I can't go on empty forever

I love all of you out there; the near and dear and even those that have cut me out and stamped me in the "do not contact" portfolio...I do; I really do...I hope everyone is blessed and continues to find that joy and love that God can provide us...I'll get there one day at a time and I'm already on my way to reviving myself...and who knew; I am doing it without any help :)

Goodbye friends. Goodbye exes. Goodbye loves. Goodbye to everyone. I hope to see some of you someday but it's time to wipe the table off and put up a new habitat of explanation. Love can wait; my survival can't...


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