One night in Israel

Like Paris; I have swung below the rope and landed something rare around these parts. Little did I know; a guy that I went out on a little "happy time" date with turned out to be from Israel. His accent resembled a bit of the french tones that I've heard in movies from time to time. It was very endearing to hear.

I never meet anyone around here that is from another country; let alone one that is actually gay. For some reason, ever since I chopped my hair off and decided to be a boyish figure; I've had more and more offers from a lot of cute guys to go out and mingle with. A lot of people lately have been nagging me to go to a local tavern but I dare say that taverns here are remarkably boring; even the Israeli guy agrees. He told me bluntly; "It's boring. I don't like it."

Can't help but laugh a bit, see it's always when you least expect it that fate gives you something you really really enjoy. I enjoy foreign people. The languages, the style, the way of life. It's always great to learn of new things and see how they go about life differently from your culture. Israeli's apparently find me sexy too :)

Yes, while dumb people here would classify me as the "not good enough" type or the "ugly kid" kind; Israeli's admire my appeal. I have to admit it to you Bas, you were right when you said I would fit in with foreign folks. You were so right about it.

So think of it a bit forward of me to mention that this all happened out of a "happy time" date but it's my blog and I'll blog what I want to. It's only unclassy if you repeat the offense!

I failed to mention though; I know only one other foreign person here. Her name is Dee Dee and she comes from Poland. Her accent reminds me of a mix between French and Russian. Polish accents are so lovely and the language is rather beautiful to me. She spoke a few words to me one day in her native tongue and I fell in love with the language. I want to meet more foreign people. I want to explore the horizons of their cultures; hear there languages; and bask in the ambiance of their good company.

While my German friend Michael aka Pascal would tell me that Germany sucks and people are not civil in those parts; I want to visit one day just so I can meet him. Such a lovely friend he is. He's always making me smile and laugh and contrary to his popular belief; he is very attractive. 30's or not; a lovely friend to have and anyone who knows him is truly blessed.

I had a Deja Vu moment recently in terms of a little altercation I had awhile back. I was told that I wasn't a very nice person and while I never understood it; I believed it for a long time and it made me feel deadly. I felt very inadequate because of it but it opened my eyes to a situation I'm dealing with now.

So this guy Kevin emails me on a dating site I use. I knew him from some time ago when I was fresh out of high school or fresh out of a diploma you could say. He and I talked then and I felt like "Gees, this guy is really a bitch isn't he?" and it stuck with me for some time. We talked tonight and I felt a resemblance of that same line from years ago. I'm not saying he's a bitch now; but merely he's one of those "I'm right, your wrong" kind of guys that doesn't have a classy or nice way of showing it. While he's a very attractive guy; beautiful eyes and lips. He's got some work to do on his personality. I'm rather scared to even go on a date with him but I've already promised that I would be a good boy and do what I think is deserving.

He was kind enough to ask me out on a date and so; it's only right that I accept. I mean, I NEVER have been out on a real date before. This will be my first true date. All the other times, I merely hung out with the person and that was it. We never talked much and it didn't last very long before one of us was falling asleep. Ah, those memories.

Either way, it's late and it's time for me to go to bed.

PS: I found your books earlier today. You know; the ones we fought over...I'm beginning to read them again and while I think of you and it makes me wonder; I'm learning that I can't hold grudges forever and that maybe you weren't such a bad guy after all. You have a heart and I still remember it. I have to remind myself that forgiveness is the only way to true happiness in life;'ll be paying for it later

XOXXO everyone