Invasion of the Italians

So while I was out today shopping for some extra cosmetic supplies; my dad want to stop by the $1 shop and get a drink and a few little goodies for the night. As I was walking around looking for something to get with my last dollar I had out of my spending money; I overheard three Italian men chatting it up together over on the next aisle.

It was cute to me, and yet so shocking. I never see much of anything different here aside from people coming from different areas of my country; never anyone international. These were full blooded, real as real gets, Italians. The tall one was pretty hot I must admit but it's true; some of the stereotypes do follow. They all were dressed nice in button up shirts, slacks, with their hair neatly styled and wearing some kind of heavy cologne which I suspect was something from where they originally came from given the fact that I never smelled anything like it; it smelled good, they just put on too much.

Regardless, I was in amazement and in awe of the taller one. I couldn't help but wish for a second that I was on the streets of Italy, basking in the romance of the city and trying a fine meal that any tourist would be certain to try first. Ah, days like this are ones to remember :)


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