FUCK it. I'm done dude.

See, I've been called a lot of things but calling me ugly is just pure unkindness that I will NOT put up with. I may not be a fucking model with great hair and shit but you have NO fucking right to say that shit to me. I have a personality; one that out weighs your negativity so you can FUCK OFF FUCKER.

Here's the transcript itself from a conversation with a guy whom thought he was smooth. Dude, you're so beneath me and now this is perfect proof of why I'm so hard on myself; why I starve myself sometimes because of men like you making me feel like I don't fit in; like I'm not good enough, it's men like you that make me so bitter and cold to people that I don't want to be bitter and cold to.


Me: haha i scared you off didn't i?

Him: no but u r ugly as a guy

And everyone has wondered why I'm so fucked up in the head and why I'm such a bitch and why I can't stand myself when I look in the mirror.........THAT'S THE FUCKING REASON right there so stop giving me so much shit.


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