Couldn't help it

I felt like coming back. If not for them; for me.

I've been sick lately; caught the stupid Flu and still battling it's adversity upon my body. The fever is gone at least but the cough is still pretty voice is scratchy...and my sinuses are acting up

I went to the ER the other night to get treatment for it; they didn't really have much options given that they didn't have the type of medications within their reach to give me for my specific situation. The good news is; it's not type C. I encountered the common Flu (type A) and I'm getting better at least. Slowly; but thankfully.

The most joyful moment of the experience though was seeing the hot nurse at the X-Ray lab...he had the most beautiful eyes and smile that one could ever dream very European looking and yet all American at the same time. It reminded me of some time before when I pictured someone in their doctoral best and seeing them smile while they gave news that an open heart surgery went well to a stressed family. Beautiful moments like that are when you realize that hospitals aren't so scary anymore; doctors can be like angels in their own right. Saving one life at a time.

Well, doctors say rest, plenty of fluid, and good handwashing are in order. Time to hit the sack for a bit. On a side note; if the sexy X-Ray tech guy ever comes across me again...I hope I at least get a good long minute to daydream of his beautiful smile...intoxicating my every thought...and I dare to say "Can I have your number?" ;)


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