The BIG day

So it's almost 8am and I'm nervous as hell. I've got to usher in three different people with this wedding. I've never really been in enough weddings to know how it all works and I'm a bit confused this morning as to where I come in and when I leave and such so I'll have to advise the parents beforehand.

A major reason why I don't like weddings IS the nervousness I get. I'm like a performer before they go on stage; it's intense for me. I want to strive to do my best, to be my best, and to satisfy every human being within the building and my thing is; If I fail at something, I fail at self forgiveness. Hence the life of being an unconventional perfectionist. It really taints my flow sometimes.

Well, off to the wedding I go...I have to be there early to get dressed and prepared for my 'roles'

I chopped off all my hair. I look pretty spiffy with short hair I think :)

I'll post a picture of it later perhaps. Ah, the joys of me becoming boyish again. It's been a long time since those days. I feel like a Versace kid or something; all decked out in designer attire.

Adios amigos!


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